To empower people of all ages, especially our youth of today, to make a difference in the lives of others

Exploring, Discovering, and Learning about Our Global Neighborhood through Writing and Reading While using Global Technology

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The following "seeds" , when nutured and supported, are the strength and fabric of a thriving Global Neighborhood.


5 Seeds (components) of GNSA

Compassion – Giving and Receiving in a balanced reverent way to support and empower our fellow HUMAN BEINGS!

Multicultural Awareness Through Literacy, Music, and Art – Writing and Reading via internet and on a personal level – exploring, discovering, and learning about one another – empowering one another through sharing and understanding each other's music and art.

Environmental Education – We are all connected – learn how to preserve what we have

Spiritual – The power of prayers, miracles, and faith

Health – Raising awareness through education while exploring choices for living an active healthy lifestyle, and securing resources for research

Youth empowering Youth
While Adults support* their
Exploring, Discovering, and Learning Experiences!

*actively involved

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For Public Release: March 1, 2008


A visit to the Philippines with the intentions to visit his fiancée and future in-laws resulted in something very different July 2007. Yerzy, being a very passionate teacher and advocate for empowering youth on a global level, naturally wanted to visit one of the local schools where his fiancée, Maxita Menaling, was raised.

After giving a world map and a spelling tablet to each student in Mrs. Zayas Grade 4 classroom of approximately 50 students, along with a short English lesson matched with a world geography lesson, Yerzy was invited to visit Looc Elementary School Library. It was explained to him that the books were destroyed by termites and other bugs. Yerzy’s response was to invite the officials to write a letter of request for the books and the needed technology to help facilitate writing and reading for a purpose between Yerzy’s students and the students in Mrs. Zayas Grade 4 classroom along with other students in Looc Elementary School. Yerzy couldn’t promise books, but promised he would share the letters with everyone he knew.

Returning to the USA after visiting the Philippines during the month of July 2007, Yerzy began a JUST ONE BOOK Campaign and created a group of students called the GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD STUDENT AMBASSADORS with teacher, Mrs. Brandey Conn. A presentation was created from the photos taken while visiting the Misamis Oriental area and shared it with the USA school of approximately 500 students ranging from kindergarten age through grade 5.

Over a period of about 3 months, under the campaign called, JUST ONE BOOK, the school Mr. Yerzy is employed at, collected nearly 2,000 gently used books with genres ranging from fiction, non-fiction to fairy tales, poetry, legends and myths, fables and more! Yerzy and his GNSA students have found a potential shipper to help send the books to Looc Elementary School.

The details are being worked out over the next few weeks to secure the shipment and delivery to Looc Elementary School and Library.

Yerzy’s GNSA groups’ second goal is to secure enough funding for 10 to 15 computers to be used at Looc Elementary School while securing an internet connection so they can move forward with the second phase of the JUST ONE BOOK Campaign.

GNSA continues to search for a generous group of friends, organizations, or business(s) to help sponsor the second phase of the JUST ONE BOOK Campaign - Writing and Reading for a purpose while using global technology - And to create a mutual understanding between cultures within our Global Neighborhood.

Contact Information:
Robert Yerzy
3595 Canton Road, Suite A9-320
Marietta, Georgia 30066 USA
Email: looces@gmail.com

GNSA - Global Neighborhood Student Ambassadors

To empower people of all ages, especially our youth of today, to make a difference in the lives of others

Exploring, Discovering, and Learning about Our Global Neighborhood through Writing and Reading
While using Global Technology

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